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HOLLAND HARMONY, is the organization for male and female barbershop singers in The Netherlands, founded in 1981. Members of this organization are men and ladies choruses, men and ladies quartets, as well as mixed quartets. In 2015, Holland Harmony counts 29 choruses and 37 quartets, of which 7 are mixed quartets. Holland Harmony organizes a barbershop singing convention every other year, in the uneven years.


HOLLAND HARMONY aims to improve, preserve and promote the art of barbershop singing and in order to do this we:

  • Coordinate barbershop singing in The Netherlands
  • Educate through Harmony Colleges, Directors Colleges, coach choruses and directors, offer vocal technique days, organize conventions
  • Facilitate contacts between our own singers and barbershop singers all over the world
  • Develop cooperation with other organizations, both within The Netherlands as well as internationally

Holland Harmony is an active member of the European Harmony Alliance and our educational activities are for the most part also open to other members of the EHA.
We actively promote the educational activities that are organized, both inside and outside The Netherlands. We often invite highly qualified coaches from Sweden and the US to come and coach and teach.

Since January 1, 2015 Holland Harmony opened the organization male barbershop choruses and quartets as well. From then on Holland Harmony is a mixed organization covering all male and female barbershop singers in The Netherlands.


   Jolanda de Vlieger, secretary
   Van Karnebeekstraat 20, 4384 HN Vlissingen
   Phone +31-118-471935
   e-mail secretaris@hollandharmony.nl
   vacancy, International Liaison

website: http://www.hollandharmony.nl


last update: 05-11-2017