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  March 14-17, 2013
  Veldhoven, The Netherlands

(status March 2012, see more recent news letters for actual information)

Welcome to the European Barbershop Convention 2013

European Convention 2009 was a thrilling event and a great success due to the support of all the participating barbershop organizations. Originally, the intention was that it would be a rotating event, in turn organized by one of the European Barbershop Organizations. However, it proved to be too much of a financial risk to organize a European convention that is not connected to a national convention. The question has been put to Holland Harmony if we could organize it once more, as we have the experience and the perfect venue for it. We have agreed to organize the European Convention one more time. Next time it will be most likely in the United Kingdom.

So we proudly announce the European Barbershop Convention 2013

Dates: Thursday March 14 until Sunday March 17, 2013
Location: The Koningshof in Veldhoven, The Netherlands (same location as in 2009).

Contests and Judging

  • The contest for men and women will be judged separately, in other words we will not have men and women competing against each other.
  • Simultaneously the national Holland Harmony contest will take place, and will be judged by the same panels as indicated below
  • There will be 4 panels: one from Sweet Adelines, with judges who have been judging according to BHS rules before and 3 other panels, consisting of LABBS, BABS and BHS judges.
  • All 4 panels will judge according to BHS rules and they will judge all contests, men and women, choruses and quartets, comparable with Internationals in the US.
  • The contest rules for the 2013 International Convention are based on these rules and are available (revised May 9, 2012).
  • The draw for the national and European contests will be done during the annual Holland Harmony membership meeting in April 2012. We will base the draw upon 3 choruses and 3 quartets from each organization, and in addition the current European Champions.
    We will make the draw for the following contests:
    - Holland Harmony (female) quartet contest
    - Holland Harmony (female) chorus contest
    - European female quartet contest
    - European male quartet contest
    - European female chorus contest
    - European male chorus contest
    - European mixed quartet contest
    A very preliminary order of appearance will be announced in April, the definite order will be published on November 15, when the contest registration closes for the last two organizations.
  • Please note that the quartet contests are on Thursday and the chorus contests on both Friday and Saturday. All choruses need to be prepared to be there on Thursday or very early Friday morning, in case they are competing on Friday.
  • On Thursday we also will have a 'European mixed quartet contest' for mixed quartets who are officially representing one or more European barbershop organization(s).

Who qualifies to participate in the European Convention 2013?

The top 3 choruses and 3 quartets from each European barbershop organization.
In case of mixed organizations (like BinG!), 3 female choruses and quartets and 3 male choruses and quartets.
In case the organization cannot send the top 3, then they are free to choose 3 out of the top 5.
Organizations that have a yearly convention and the rule that a winning chorus or quartet cannot compete the next year, can send the champion chorus and quartet from 2011 as well as the top 2 choruses and quartets from 2012 or out of the best 5.
The European Champion comes on top of that.
For example: LABBS can send the 2011 winner, which are the White Rosettes. As they are also the current European champions. LABBS can then choose to send the White Rosettes as well as their top 3 from 2012 or 3 out of the top 5. In total 4 choruses.
Qualification for the European mixed quartet contest: the quartet must officially represent at least one of the European barbershop organizations. These organizations can set their own qualification requirements. Every organization can sent a maximum of three mixed quartets.

The current European Champions 2009 are:
    chorus: Zero8 (SNOBS)
    quartet: Ringmasters (SNOBS)
    chorus: The White Rosettes (LABBS)
    quartet: Remix quartet (SAI Nordic Light Region)

Preliminary programme

Arrival of the participants will be possible from Wednesday March 13.
The quartet contests start early on Thursday March 14 and will take all day.
The chorus contests start early Friday March 15 until late afternoon Saturday March 16.

Shows will be planned on Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.


Location will be hotel & conference center 'The Koningshof in Veldhoven', the same location as the 2009 convention. That way we'll have an excellent competition area as well as excellent food and lodgings.

The Koningshof cannot offer accommodation to all participants. Therefore we will make a list of other hotels and give you booking codes in order to get the convention special prices. Different from 2009 is, that all participants and visitors will have to book their own accommodation directly with De Koningshof or any other hotel on our list of hotels.


Registration is compulsory for all singers who will be on stage any time during a show or contest. This includes MD's and mike warmers/coolers.
The costs for registration are 110 per person. This includes free access to all contests and all three shows during 4 days.
Visitors can order a passe-partout for 85 or separate tickets for the individual contests/shows.

Time line

  • April 2012: contest rules will be available on the Holland Harmony website
  • April 2012: Draw for contests, followed by a preliminary order of appearance. All potential contestants will be part of the draw.
    => result of the draw
  • May 15: Start of chorus/quartet contest registration
  • June 15: Deadline for all choruses and quartets to register for the European contest (except for mixed quartets and for LABBS and DABS as their convention will take place in October 2012)
  • June 15 (delayed until end July): start of individual registration of the chorus/quartet members (via the chorus/quartet contact person)
  • September 15: Start date for booking hotels. If you want to stay at the Koningshof, you better book early...
  • October 15: Deadline to register individual chorus members and quartet members
  • November 15: Announcement of definite order of appearance during the different contests
  • November 15: Deadline for DABS and LABBS to register their choruses/quartets for the contest as well as the registration of the individual members of these choruses and quartets.
  • November 15: Deadline to register mixed quartets.
  • December 1: Deadline for payments of the individual registration costs (110 euro / person)
  • March 14-17: European Barbershop Convention

Why do registration payments need to come in so early?
We have a contract with De Koningshof and in order to get the reductions on their regular prices, we need to pay the costs of all the halls and rooms we rent by December 1. Therefore we need your payments for registrations by this date as well.


Should you have any questions, please contact

More news

By the end of April we will start sending newsletters to regularly update you on the European Barbershop Convention 2013. They will be sent (in Dutch) to the contact persons of the Dutch choruses/quartets and (in English) to the contact persons of all European barbershop organizations.
If like your to receive your English personal copy directly please click this link
Holland Harmony members: click here to subscribe to the Dutch newsletter.
Of course, all updates will appear on our convention website
and will also be announced our official convention facebook page


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